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Foundry Casting Construction Machinery Part

PRODUCT:OEM Steel Casting Part For Engineering & Construction Machinery
MATERIAL:stainless steel ,carbon steel ,alloy steel
SUPPLY ABILITY:150tons per month
PROCESS:Lost wax casting+CNC machine
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Productive Technology: Precision Investment Casting (Silcon Sol Process)

Material: Carbon steel:Stainless steel; Alloy steel

Casting facility: wax injector, electric furnace,heat treatment furnace,cutting head machine, shot-blasting machine, sand-blasting machine.

ProductiveProcess:Wax Mould-Shell Making-Dewaxing-Smelting&Casting-Shell Off-Blasting-Cutting&Polishing-Acid Washing-CNC Precised Machining

Machining facility: CNC,NC lathe,ordinary machine tools,linear cutting machine, NC milling machine, polishing machine.

Heat treatment:Normalizing/Quenching/Tempering.

Test facility:spectrometer, tensile test machine,impact tester, hardness test machine,CMM,PT.

Qingdao Chifine Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous company in China which specialized in various metal casting products with over 10 years experience located in Qingdao China.It covers a comprehensive range of forging, stamping, sand casting, investment casting, die casting and machining and was widely used in Agriculture machinery, Motor Vehicle, Architecture,Railway and Engineering

As a professional company, Chifine  have four groups of experienced teams to be in charge of different work:

* Project team-customer service

*Engineering team-provide R&D and technical support

*QC team-productive process control and incoming parts inspection

*Warehouse team-warehouse management and logistic service

Why Choose Us

*Technical Support

We have engineers for each process and give you technical support.

*On time Delivery

We have big capacity for orders and supply goods timely.

*Competitive price

We have efficiency working system and supply best price for you.

*After-sales Service

We supply material, dimension and mechanical test report.

*Stable Business relationship

We have been establish stable business relationship with customer for 10 years .Especially for Europe ,America and Asia .

casting part processQQ图片20190108100528_conew2


 steel precision casting


stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel


Mould, casting, machining




Processing Ability

Surface finishment:            Ra 12.5um

Size tolerance:                CT7-CT9

Weight range:                 0.1-100kg

Heat Treatment

Annealing, Normalizing, Hardening, Tempering, Case hardening etc

Inspection Equipment

Direct-reading spectrometer,Metallurgical structure analysis,Three-dimensional machine,Pre-Furnace carbon and sulfur analyzer,optical projecto,Tensile testing machine,Inspection gauge,Hardness Test Machine


As per the customer's design, idea & samples; As per samples, we can provide drawing design and casting simulation service

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Qingdao Chifine Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous company in China which specialized in various metal casting and machining products with over 20 years experience located in Qingdao China.

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