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QC Director-Mr Zhou
Mr Zhou is our company QC dIrector .He is responsible for every proceure for quality control .He will take the whole quality inspection department to make testing for the finished products .QC director plays an important role on every order .Because quality is life of enterprise .We still believe with good quality ,the company can last long .
Engineer Director-Vincent Gao
Vincent Gao is our engineer director .He is responsible for the OEM casting and machiing  product design,simulaton and development .also will give our company rich experience on production guidence and quality control method .


Production Director-Mr Sun 

Mr sun is the production director of our company .He is respobsible for the production process of our order .He plays key part in the casting process from start to finish ,ensuring that appropriate personnel, equipment and materials are available for the job.He will try best to control every order reach the customer’s required delivery time .

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