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CNC Machining

Our machining shop located in Jimo Industrial Park Qingdao, using the latest CNC equipment to provide our customer with high precision products.

Our euqipment include 
CNC machining center 9sets
CNC Lathe    18sets
Broaching Machines
Grinding Machines
Milling Machines
Boring Lathe
Drilling Machines
wire cutting machines
gear making machines
Metal Sawing Machine 
Flame Cutting Machine

Machining ability

Max machining OD: φ 1000mm
Min OD: φ 0.7mm
Max machining length: 1000mm
OD tolerance control: 0.001mm
Surface roughness: Ra: 0.04; Ry: 0.4
Runout; 0.01mm
Critical dimension: CPK≥ 1.67
Office Line

Opening hours:
Mon. - Fri. 9:00 - 18:00
About Us
Qingdao Chifine Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous company in China which specialized in various metal casting and machining products with over 20 years experience located in Qingdao China.

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