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OEM Part For Other Lines

Our casting and machining parts are also widely used in other lines .Such as Petroleum machinery 

industry,medical device industry,conveying machinery fittings,Power Facility ,Logistic Equipment ,Locomotive etc.Based our professional technical group ,we can make your casting idea into reality with our best and effective solutions .

    • OEM Steel Casting Part For Engineering & Construction Machinery
    • OEM Steel Lost Wax Casting Medical Part
    • Cast Steel Sand Casting Mining Oilfield Equipment Parts
    • Construction And Mining Machine Part for Casting Part
    • Lost Foam Casting High Manganese Steel Hammer for Mining Machinery Parts
    • Carbon Steel Mining Machinery Spare Part with Sand Blasting
    • Municipal Machinery Part Casting - Bollard
    • Municipal Machinery Part - Bollard Casting
    • Municipal Machinery Part Casting - Tree Grate
    • Municipal Machinery Part Casting - Bench Leg
    • Municipal Machinery Part - Bench Leg
    • Ductile Iron And Gray Iron Sand Casting Auto Parts
    • OEM High Precision 4 Blade Type Marine Ship Boat Cast Brass Propeller
    • ISO9001 Manufacturer Custom Aluminum Die Casting Intake Manifold
    • Gravity Casting Aluminum Brake Cylinder Block of Railway Locomotive
    • Factory OEM Custom Transmissions Gear Casing for Die Casting Foundry
    • Customized High Grade Zinc Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Manufacturer
    • Die Casting Engine Part with Aluminum
    • Alloy Metal Custom Precision Machine Wheel Transmission Spur Gear
    • Crown Bevel Gear and Pinion Shaft
    • Customize Cnc Metal Machining Parts Cnc Turning Parts Service Cnc Spare Metal Hardware
    • OEM CNC Brass Hardware Accessory CNC Machine Brass Spare Parts
    • Mechanical Metal Steel Cnc Lathe Parts Machining Hardware
    • Customized CNC Aluminum Alloy Aircraft Spare Parts And Metal Machining Hardware Products
    • China Customized Aluminum Die Casting Parts Cnc Turning And Milling Casting Parts For Agriculture Machinery
    • High Quality Precision Steel Stainless Casting Parts Agriculture Tractor Spare Parts
    • China Manufacturer Ductile Iron Casting Part Flywheel For Agricultural Machinery Part
    • Cast Lawn Mower Parts Wholesale Casting Iron Traction for Agriculture Machinery Parts
    • Customized Hot Sale Iron Casting Agricultural Machinery Tractor Spare Parts
    • Resin Sand Casting Metal Part Agricultural Machinery Tractor Spare Parts
    • Alloy Aluminum Car Accessories Manufacturer Die Casting Custom Auto Parts
    • Custom Oem Service Aluminum Alloy Gravity Die Casting Auto Spare Parts
    • Custom Precision Aluminium Sand Casting Automobile Chassis Parts Steel Automotive Chassis
    • Customized Cast Nodular Iron Resin Coated Sand Casting Crane Spare Parts
    • Stainless Steel Casting Parts with CNC Machining for Machinery Industry
    • Investment Casting Cast Steel Machined Components Railway Train Spare Parts
    • Enamel Coating Cast Iron Grill Cast Iron BBQ Grills
    • Sand Cast BBQ Grill Cast Iron BBQ Plate
    • OEM Grey Iron Ductile Iron Cast Iron 1 / 2/ 3 Ring Commercial Gas Burner
    • Gas Burner Cast Iron Two Ring Cast Iron Burner Manufacturer
    • C30 Cast Cookware Two Ring Burner For South Africa Market
    • CF985 Custom Range Burner Cast Iron Burner Gas Stove
    • OEM Grey Iron Ductile Iron Cast Iron 1 / 2/ 3 Ring Commercial Gas Burner
    • Gas Burner Cast Iron Two Ring Cast Iron Burner Manufacturer
    • C30 Cast Cookware Two Ring Burner For South Africa Market
    • CF985 Custom Range Burner Cast Iron Burner Gas Stove
    • Top Quality CF740 LPG Industrial Commercial Gas Burner Cooking Stove Steel Cast Stove
    • CF610 LPG Industrial Gas Cooker Burner for Cast Stove
    • Cast Steel Bucket Teeth For Engineering Machinery
    • Engineering Spare Parts Construction Machinery Accessories Mechanical Hinges Components
    • Stainless Steel Bolts for Outdoor Glass Railing Wall Mount Standoff
    • Support Stainless Steel 304 Handrail Fitting for Stair Handrail Bracket
    • Foundry Casting Construction Machinery Part
    • OEM Custom Precision Cast Engineering Machinery Parts
    • Zinc Alloys Aluminum Die Casting Valve Pump Parts
    • China Custom OEM High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting Valve Housing Parts
    • Brass Machining Parts Bronze Pump Body Brass Impeller
    • Precision Casting Parts Bronze Pump Shell Lost Wax Investment Casting Parts for Pipe Fitting
    • Custom Die-casting Aluminum Die Casting OEM Customized Valve Parts
    • Ductile Cast Iron Valve Body Casting Part Factory
    • Polishing Steel Casting Boat Anchor Hall Anchor for Marine Ship
    • Stainless Steel Marine Hardware And Deck Equipments
    • Stainless Steel Boat Marine Hardware Investment Casting Shackle
    • Stainless Steel Investment Casting Lost Wax Casting Boat Parts Marine Casting Hardware
    • Stainless Steel 316 Boat Cleat Marine Hardware Investment Casting Ship Hardware
    • Marine Stainless Flip up Pull up Folding Cleat
    • High Precicion Stainless Steel Cast Mining Machinery Parts
    • High Manganese Steel Wear-Resisting Scraper for Mining Part
    • C45 Steel Industrial Roller Chain Wheel/Sprocket for Chain Hoist for Russia Market
    • Industrial Wear Resistant Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Forging Scraper Machine Conveyor Chain
    • Coal Mining Scraper Conveyor 18*64 Connecting Link
    • Municipal Machinery Part - Bench Leg Casting
    • Urban Wooden Bench Patio Furniture Outdoor Garden Bench
    • Cast Aluminum Legs Long Park Bench for Public
    • High Quality Cast Aluminum Legs Outdoor Bench Urban Park Bench Garden Furniture
    • Outdoor Park Aluminum Die Casting Bench Legs
    • EN124 D400 850X850 Cast Iron Manhole Cover
    • OEM Customized CNC Machining Aluminum Alloy Parts Sand Casting
    • Aluminum Sand Casting Anode Yoke
    • Heat Resistant Lost Foam Casting Furnace Basket
    • Lost Foam Casting Speed Changing Box Body Machine Tool Accessory
    • Grey Iron Lost Foam Casting For Gearbox Housing
    • Alloy & Carbon Steel Trailer Hook by Precision Casting
    • Customization Shell Mold Casting Part of Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold Foundry
    • Shell Mold Cast Transmission Case Reducer Box Worm Gearbox Housing
    • China Foundry Shell Mold Sand Casting Bracket Spare Parts
    • Ductile Iron Shell Mold Casting for Compressor Part
    • OEM and ODM Shell Mold Casting Tractor Gear Box
    • OEM Ductile Iron Shell Mold Casting Supplier
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